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McCall Parkhurst & Horton LLP

The unyielding, forward march of the technological age continues to leave its mark on every industry and market—including many law firms. These advances not only allow but often force firms to completely rethink their office aesthetics and use of space. The rooms full of bulky, overflowing filing cabinets are more and more becoming antiquated relics of yesteryear.

As McCall Parkhurst & Horton, a Texas-based law firm looked to relocate their office, PDR was engaged to help them breathe new life into their workplace. Our challenge was to usher them into modernity with a fresh redesign while repurposing items that already existed in the space. By developing a new color pallet and implementing a lighting update, we created a vibrant, energizing atmosphere that spoke to the firm’s new way of working. A recyclable wood and wool panel was created as a statement piece to give the foyer a focal point while various new technologies were integrated to promote a more seamless transition to a hybrid work environment. To maximize limited space, our team made several areas multipurpose–such as the reception desk which doubles as a coffee bar. We also added a shuffleboard table to the conference room to help lighten up the atmosphere and break up the monotony of the day.

McCall Parkhurst & Horton LLP

Project Details

Square Footage: 8,000 SF

Location: Austin, TX

PDR Team

Amy Collins






Hossley Lighting

Pravo Construction


The interior and architectural renovations brought together several concepts seamlessly, producing a revitalized office and an inviting work environment for McCall Parkhurst & Horton’s associates and clients alike.

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