New Normal to Next Normal – PDR’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our new, shared reality will forever change how we work and significantly impact our work environments moving forward. Now is the time to explore and prepare for return-to-the office scenarios that will positively impact your business performance, inspire your people, and improve their well-being, and deliver more value from your real estate investment.

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We help organizations unleash human potential, drive business performance, and transform organizations.


We are committed to supporting the Total Work Experience.  We offer consulting services in the categories of Organization, Workplace, and Occupancy to help our clients deliver beyond 21st-century expectations.

Design + Architecture

Clients want to be heard and have their unique business challenges identified and understood. Our Design + Architecture team delivers customized design solutions that are integrated with each client’s brand and company culture.


From strategy to experience, we elevate your brand story to create a lasting, positive connection between your brand and the people you want to reach.

Our integrated team delivers proven strategies and dynamic solutions that impact what matters most ­– people.

Our Work

McCall Parkhurst & Horton LLP

The unyielding, forward march of the technological age continues to leave its mark on every industry and market—including many law firms. These advances not only allow but often force firms to completely rethink their office aesthetics and use of space. The rooms full of bulky, overflowing fili…

What does success
look like?

910 Louisiana

Carefully Refreshing a Houston Classic

The 910 Louisiana had not changed much since the 70s, and the landlord saw the lobby and amenity space in the Downtown Houston Tunnels as a major investment opportunity to enhance the experience of the stagnant office building. The plethora of seating arrangements in the open lobby serves …

Renewable Energy Firm

The Sum of All Energies

This Renewable Energy Firm continues to expand its presence and pushes the envelope as a progressive Energy Company. To celebrate the Energy Firm’s continuous development in Energy, our office design has one unifying concept – Energy. Energy never disappears but is transferred and …

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