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Our Brand Practice is a strategy and design service centered around the human connection between your organization’s purpose, culture, and place. As a team of strategists, creatives, designers, and innovators, we are uniquely positioned to help your organization connect more deeply with your target audience by creating meaningful brand experiences.

For over four decades, PDR has been working within organizations to solve their biggest challenges. We help organizations give people reasons to believe in them, proclaim why they exist and cultivate places where people want to gather.

PDR spent time to understand the space we had to work with and the culture we were trying to create, and the budget we had to work in. It was a pleasure to spend our design meetings moving forward. PDR respected and worked with our budget and project philosophy.
— Anonymous Client

Identity Strategy + Design

We help you proclaim why you exist by digging into what makes your organization unique and walking in your audience’s shoes. Using that perspective, we develop an impactful brand strategy and design that aligns with your purpose and increases market relevance.

Experiential Design

We activate your organization’s brand to create interactive environments, sensory experiences, and emotive stories—cultivating places people want to gather. Holistic and immersive, we combine elements of place, human energy, messaging, and collateral to engage audiences.

Digital Content Strategy

We work in tandem with your operations team to plan, manage and deliver engaging brand stories through digital media. Whether slated for a new space or for distribution, our work gives people reasons to believe in your organization.

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