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With many options to comb, sometimes the best choice is… home.

An organization staying in the same space for decades can create a sense of stability and comfort. Conversely, it can also be inhibiting as people and workstyles continue to shift over time. Soon, a space’s limitations may worsen people’s experiences, instead of enhancing them.

Our client, a Houston-based Independent Oil & Gas Company, found themselves in this exact predicament as their 40+ year lease approached its end. They were faced with the decision of renewing their lease and undergoing renovations, or searching for a new home.

When first approached, our team worked to expedite the decision around their real estate strategy, providing the decision makers on their Project Team with a framework to better evaluate the options of renovating their existing space or finding a new one. Through our systematic approach, the client was able to hasten the decision on a build-to-suite headquarters, with full Project Team alignment and confidence.

Once in agreement about their real estate needs, our team worked to ensure their new space was designed for adaptability. Their building systems, walls, and furnishings are arranged on a modular plan so that changes can be implemented easily at little or no cost.

The implementation of a modular plan, combined with rigorous attention to flexible building systems, resulted in a reduction of two full floors, saving an estimated $30 million in project costs.

While the space would be modular, its mission wouldn’t. The client was adamant that the environment felt like a “home office” where people felt comfortable, united, and could do their best work.

To achieve this, we veered away from enclosed hallways and conventional corporate office layouts. Instead, we designed an open floor plan and strategically selected furniture that invited team connection and collaboration. To further reinforce the idea of home, we incorporated soft textured carpeting, a calming overall color palate, fully stocked bookshelves, and inviting pillows and décor into our design. The new interiors exude a vibe that is warm and serene, but bright and energizing at the same time. Instead of the typical office monikers, the employees now refer to their spaces as living rooms, lounges, or kitchens.

Further evoking a home’s sense of belonging, we leaned into the personalities of their internal departments and tailored each floor to those occupying it. The typical department floors are individually outfitted with an interactive graphic wall that allows employees to tailor specific messages or simply have fun through the creation of custom abstract designs.

Additionally, color was strategically utilized throughout the design to organize the space into sections, helping to distinguish desk spaces from conference rooms and gathering areas, visually defining their separate purposes.

Adding to the overall space’s experience are expansive windows that allow abundant natural light in and offer spectacular views to all employees throughout the day. We further emphasized this light through contemporary fixtures that hang low from the high ceilings, lending the space a grounded, earthy feel.

Ultimately, their new 15-floor headquarters came to fruition through four years of close collaboration with our team. From strategy, to design, to the experience of their employees, the space is truly a home that serves both their current needs and allows them the flexibility to continue to grow, shift, and adapt over the next few decades.

Project Details

Location: Houston

Square Footage: 400,000 SF




Kendall Heaton

Muñoz + Albin

Walter P Moore

I.A. Naman + Associates

DE Harvey Builders



Berger Iron Works

IMEG Corp.


Lighting Design Alliance

Cerami & Associates


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