Kelley Hendrickson

Kelley Hendrickson

Chief People + Performance Officer

My focus is to ensure PDR’s business operations empower our incredible people to do their best work. PDR delivers top workplaces because we are a top workplace.

Kelley Hendrickson is responsible for the insight and grit that defines PDR’s culture of excellence. She manages a business platform that enables data-driven insight and cross-functional communication. She leads a cohort of talented individuals to follow their passions with perseverance. As Chief People + Performance Officer, Kelley nurtures the human experience at PDR to drive high performance, innovation, and engagement.

Kelley has a gift for understanding how each person at PDR is more than a worker filling a role. Within each individual, she sees the whole person. Kelley balances personal learning styles, unique social and emotional compositions, specific sets of values, and distinct career goals to hone the talent at PDR. Motivated by strengths-based leadership Kelley acts as an advocate and trusted liaison between her fellow partners and PDR’s staff. Her keen observational skills allow her to structure incredible cross-functional teams — a resonant workforce that is ready to tackle the new and often unknown challenges businesses face today.

The comprehensive Human Resources program Kelley designed and manages allows her to keep a finger on the pulse of PDR’s overall well-being. Kelley’s employee engagement surveys, feedback reviews, and workforce and succession planning assessments are conducted in the service of cultivating individual growth and career progression at PDR. Her reputation as a fair and trustworthy ally enables Kelley to champion the crucial two-way dialogue between PDR’s staff and leadership.

As the Operations leader of Human Resources, Marketing and Accounting and IT Kelley works closely with President and CEO Lauri Lampson and CTO Jerry Griffin to optimize how PDR functions. When the firm launched its first phase of its Agile Workplace Platform in 2018, Kelley was central to the development of PDR’s new processes for employee engagement, work assessment, team performance, client relationship management, and project success. The new activity-based platform was later adopted firm-wide — a major shift that was carefully guided toward success due to her thoughtful planning and communication.

Kelley’s behind-the-scenes improvements in human performance and experience at PDR are ongoing. Most recently she transitioned the firm to a new, all-in-one, customized software platform for project tracking, client relationship management, and human resources services. Its launch raised the bar for the firm’s ability to track key performance indicators and report on profitability and loss. The system’s customized Human Resources module was designed to map skill sets and goals to career paths, further supporting employee performance and talent development.

The people of PDR have spoken. Every year for nearly a decade, PDR has been recognized as a Top Workplace. The distinct honor, awarded by the Houston Chronicle, is the result of an employee-led assessment of workplace culture, engagement, well-being, and pride of place. Proven to have a positive impact, and fully aligned with PDR’s mission, vision and purpose. Kelley leads with insight and objectivity. Approachable and authentic to her core, she enables the firm’s collaborative, knowledge-sharing culture to thrive.