Jerry Griffin

Jerry Griffin

Chief Information + Technology Officer

A lot of perspective is gained when data speaks the same language across HR, IT, and RE. Business operations teams can lead innovation and impact an organization from within.

Jerry Griffin is a business technologist who helps organizations adapt and excel in a rapidly changing world. As PDR’s Chief Technology Officer, he bridges the gap between technology, business strategy, and architecture to lead PDR and other organizations through digital transformation.

An enthusiast of new technologies, Jerry has consistently been ahead of the curve. For over a decade he trailblazed business growth and cost savings for PDR by designing and launching innovative technology initiatives with a human-centric approach. In 2018, PDR committed to an agile work from anywhere platform that required new hardware, software, protocols, and processes. By creating a consistent and supportive user experience, Jerry led PDR’s diverse staff of talented designers, workplace strategists, change management consultants, and technology specialists to become one of the industry’s first fully agile workforces.

Since the launch of its Activity Based Working platform, PDR has been able to penetrate new marketplaces, acquire and leverage remote talent, provide new workstyles to existing staff, and realign its real estate portfolio to support 150% growth with no additional square footage. On Friday, March 13, 2020, due to the threat of COVID-19, PDR required that all employees begin working remotely. Due to its agile platform, there were no changes to employee workflows.

Jerry leverages technology to strengthen human capital. His perspective would benefit any organization, but he also understands the difficulties business leaders encounter during the decision-making process. In times of uncertainty, clarity of information is paramount—yet leaders often encounter complexity and confusion when attempting to align operational data from traditionally siloed departments.

To bring clarity to the issue, Jerry and his team have created a system of custom data analysis tools that allow organizational data to coalesce. For example, his team can streamline a real estate portfolio, human resources, and information systems data to enable better decision-making. PDR can use their data to develop workplace scenarios in real-time. A proprietary benchmarking database also enables PDR to show how a company’s current and future states compare to other industry peers.

Jerry began his career in architecture as a CAD manager. Working behind the scenes, he developed custom applications to assist production and design projects. Today, he still prefers to lead from within as an architect of digital transformation. As PDR’s CTO and a business advisor to Fortune 100 companies, Jerry continues to bridge operational gaps through applied technological innovation and his human-centered approach.