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Jerry Griffin

Jerry Griffin is a business technologist who helps organizations adapt and excel in a rapidly changing world through digital transformation. As a passionate learner, he delivers strategic technology solutions that empower users, reduce waste in processes, and drives industry-leading results.

A lot of perspective is gained when data speaks the same language across HR, IT, and RE. Business operations teams can lead innovation and impact an organization from within.

Jerry has been directly involved with and led teams to build custom applications, processes, and platforms that bridge the gap between technology, business strategy, and architecture. In 2016, PDR committed to an agile work-from-anywhere platform that required an entirely new way for the firm’s teams to use hardware, software, protocols, and processes. By creating a consistent and supportive user experience, Jerry led PDR’s diverse staff of talented designers, workplace strategists, change management consultants, and technology specialists to become one of the industry’s first fully agile workforces.

Since the launch of its Activity Based Working platform, PDR has been able to penetrate new marketplaces, acquire and leverage remote talent, provide new workstyles to existing staff, and realign its real estate portfolio to support 150% growth with no additional square footage. When the pandemic pushed American employees into remote work, PDR’s agile platform assured that staff never missed a beat.


Idea Collider


Bachelor of Architecture
University of Houston


Favorite Food: Nachos

Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski

Favorite Activity: Hiking

Jerry is particularly attuned to the necessity of aligning operational data from traditionally siloed departments and leveraging technology to strengthen human capital. To bring clarity to the issue, Jerry and his team have created a system of custom data analysis tools that allow organizational data to coalesce. PDR can use their data to develop workplace scenarios in real time. A proprietary benchmarking database also enables PDR to show how a company’s current and future states compare to other industry peers.

As an architect of digital transformation, Jerry devises innovative technology and serves as a trusted business advisor for both PDR and the many Fortune 100 clients we serve.

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