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As one of the world’s top commercial real estate providers, Savills required an exceptional office space that would build strong client and employee relationships to propel them into a successful future.

The office design fuses lounge-like spaces with the workplace to give a hospitality hub feel. Made to be ultra welcoming and comforting, the Savills office space could also easily become a favorite coffee bar or cocktail lounge.

Savills Office

The sophisticated, historic, loft-like office draws young and seasoned talent. Their new energized office is a space they now enjoy coming to, where they can collaborate, socialize, and network with clients.

We incorporated a library to reinforce Savills’ office culture as a place of inclusion, knowledge sharing, and a place to experience new ideas. Employees can gather here, or visitors can grab a book from the bookshelves and unleash their inner bookworm while they wait in the reception area.

By morning employees meet at the coffee bar, and by night the bar space is used to host cocktail hours with clients. Floor to ceiling glass panel doors separate the conference room and bar area, and Savills employees can effortlessly fold the glass panels into the wall allowing extra space to host events.