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Renewable Energy Firm

The Sum of All Energies

This Renewable Energy Firm continues to expand its presence and pushes the envelope as a progressive Energy Company.

To celebrate the Energy Firm’s continuous development in Energy, our office design has one unifying concept – Energy. Energy never disappears but is transferred and morphs into another form.

First, we visioned with the Energy Firm to define their specific organizational goals:

Work better together
Focus on value creation
Create business synergies
Enable connected community
Deliver an employee experience
Upgrade to an efficient space that promotes future growth

Our strategic process informed our design decisions for their transformational new workplace.

Renewable Energy Firm

The Energy Firm focuses its development on three different energies – bioenergy, solar, oil & gas. We designed three unique patterns to represent the different energies.  In the meeting or collaboration areas, the three patterns morph from one form to another. The patterns reinforced the idea of a unified Renewable Energy Firm and celebrate the unique business units.

The Houston office gathers employees from different business units together and breaks down silos. The flexible work environment fosters a connected community and supports different business unit’s gatherings to single or multi-user groups.


We guided the Energy Firm through their thoughtful investment to ensure their work environment is a highly effective tool to connect and engage their people.