Fortune 100 Oil & Gas Company – Building One

Team Members


Kirksey - Base Building Architect
TBG Partners
I.A. Naman
Gandy Squared Lighting Design
Ford AV
FCA Design
HMA Consulting
Walter P Moore


DE Harvey Builders


Herman Miller
Office Pavilion
ACS Flooring

Fortune 100 Oil & Gas Company – Building One

Flexing from Horizontal to Vertical

The client sought to increase innovation and strengthen their presence in Houston’s Energy Corridor. PDR worked with the organization to define a vision for their future workplace and minimize the hierarchical structures.  We created a flexible work environment that fosters knowledge sharing and innovation. The concepts reflect the business foundation:  exploration and discovery.

Their new workplace is located in two buildings. Building One includes office space, collaboration areas, conference rooms, a kitchen, servery, and a dining facility.

Fortune 100 Oil and Gas Company Break Area

The design combines timeless architecture with flexible planning methods and purposeful technology.  The use of color, rhythm, and texture creates a workplace that ignites excitement about new ways of working.  The element of discovery – in subtle details or “gems”- is a nod to the innovation in the workplace.

Signage, wayfinding, and environmental graphics are integrated within the larger design.  For the first time, the organization’s workplace is a strategic asset. PDR developed a change management plan to strengthen morale and optimize productivity during the move. The plan engaged all employees from early project development to post-move.  The client now has a new workplace that is optimal for their culture, workforce, and business.

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