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PDR Fall Town Hall 2021

Companies are anticipating a new Workplace Dynamic as employees return to the office. The new normal presents challenges and opportunities unlike any other, and as reiterated at the Fall Town Hall, our people have the “perfect mix of skill and experience” many professionals have never experienced in their careers, translating into designs and strategies that have the power to transform workspaces.

On Friday, November 5, PDR people from our Houston, Dallas, and Austin offices came together for the #FallTownHall, our bi-annual meeting that celebrates how our work impacts our clients, highlights where we’ve been and where we’re going, and celebrate our people. Why do we have such a dynamic and engaged team? Read on to learn why we empower our people and how we lead through engagement.

During the Town Hall, we people had fun and as always, learned. We learned how we impact our clients’ lives by addressing their Workplace Challenges. Over the last 6 months, our people have helped energy companies look to the future and design for what’s next. Among our law firms, we design for client services, and for tech companies, we help them define their workplace culture. Through our Data Collection, we have shown clients how to be “smarter, faster, through data,” and demonstrated to our clients that a hybrid work environment can be to their advantage. Our people have effectively developed strategy and portfolio planning as companies begin to bring employees back to in-person, in-office work.



In addition to celebrating internal success, Town Hall celebrated individual success by recognizing 10, 20, and 30 years of service. Amy Collins, Ryan Brandon, Justin Dezendorf, and Heather Wright celebrated 10 years, while Jackie Wheat was rewarded for 20 years’ service to PDR, and CEO Lauri Lampson talked to her 30 years with PDR.

PDR Town Halls are different than static company meetings that often leave employees drained; our Town Halls rejuvenate by engaging leaders throughout the company to provide updates that inform our work and guide our values. CEO Lauri Lampson inspired PDR people by reiterating that “We provide more than architecture, we create spaces to set our clients apart in this competitive market.”

After the Fall Town Hall, employees from all three offices gathered for a wonderful lunch and looked ahead to the next challenge to solve and solution to design.

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