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When we expanded into Dallas, we discovered a plethora of opportunities along with a culture that rapidly welcomed us with open arms. For the last few years, we’ve fully embraced the special distinctions of Dallas. The thriving art scene, multicultural activities, notable music venues, and exciting sports and recreational opportunities make Dallas an ideal place to work, play, eat, shop, and raise a family.

Clients are starting to wake up to the tremendous advantages of partnering with boutique-style firms like PDR. We provide a much-needed level of personalized, high-touch service. Our range of capabilities is extensive and we successfully plan and design for any kind or size of space.
– Marc Bellamy

When we’re not working, you may be standing shoulder to shoulder with us at a museum in the one-mile stretch that is home to the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Crow Museum of Asian Art, and the Perot Museum of Science and Nature – the largest contiguous arts district in the nation.

Or you’ll see us around the White Rock Lake area, playing a tennis match at one of the many facilities in the area, or on a self-guided tour of one of Dallas’ many charming bungalow neighborhoods.

If you’re in the area and stop by the office, you’ll probably be greeted by Dug, the office dog. If he doesn't meet you at the door, check the tile samples, his favorite spot for cooling off.

Our team also has a strong, unified desire to serve the community by contributing to charitable causes. Each year we sponsor and participated in Elizabeth Toon Charities’ Annual Concert & Shootout.

“You run into people with all types of backgrounds. Dallas is full of smaller niche communities so it’s really easy to find your vibe here.”

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