Sage Plaza

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I.A. Naman
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Sage Plaza

What came first? The hive or the home?

We worked closely with BlackRock and CBRE stakeholders to completely transform the ground plane of Sage Plaza – a 25 floor Class A office building located in the vibrant Houston Galleria area.

Built in the 80s, the building was clad head to toe inside and out in Texas Rose granite – common for that era of construction in Houston.  To truly transform the tenant experience and escape what we refer to as “Dead Lobby Syndrome” – a vast empty walk through zone, it is critical to think beyond new finishes and furniture – a tactic many asset managers resort to when updating their buildings.

“There have been a lot of lobby renovations around town. Most of them are OK; some of them are good; this one is the best, and it’s not even close!”

We leaned in to what the building had to offer; unique geometry, warm textures, views to nature, and enhanced its natural DNA to create a wide variety of distinct places people want to be to work, meet, relax, and socialize.

With two major entrances on opposite sides of the building, we repositioned the front desk to be seen from both entrances. We added a new tenant lounge that provided another path to travel from each entrance and easy access to the coffee bar. The lounge also looks out to tranquil courtyard for visitors and tenants to enjoy, and previously the courtyard was hidden from view.

Now, the existing close-knit tenant culture has a great place for morning coffee, spaces for meetings over lunch or comfortable seating options around the vapor fireplace.

“The open house was special to me because for the first time since we began I was able to look at the lobby as a “sum of all of its parts.” Throughout the last 8 months of construction as we’ve broken down each component as a discussion in meetings, as work to be performed over the weekend or as something to be approved and ordered, that was how I tended to see the lobby— in parts and pieces. The event with the brokers really made it all come together for me. It truly is a beautiful concept and design.”