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Golden Pass

Speed and Cohesion – United to Pursue Success!

Golden Pass was in the process of changing their entire business model – from importers to exporters of LNG. They needed to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently while remaining competitive and seeking innovative ways of working.

Golden Pass considered it a top priority to attract the best talent and enhance the company culture and values throughout their office space. Their previous workspace was dark, outdated, lacked areas for collaboration and socializing, and didn’t reflect their brand or values.

Throughout their new office space, there is a nod to Q’atari shareholder culture through the use of pattern and texture. The reception and formal board room as well as the Trade Floor are show-stopping spaces, meant to make a powerful first impression on visiting dignitaries and executives.

Golden Pass wanted to encourage teamwork, create an open family-like atmosphere, and maintain safety and security. The office space is organized so the General, Pipeline, and Trading groups are separate per federal regulations. However, each group is joined with a central break room for employees to gather and socialize, or for informal collaboration.

A variety of collaboration spaces are spread throughout the space for convenience, including large meeting rooms, huddle rooms, and focus/phone rooms. Meeting areas feature a variety of seating and collaboration tools with different layouts so employees can choose how to work or meet with teammates. By incorporating glass partitions and organizing open work areas and main paths of travel near the exterior glass windows, everyone has access to natural light and outdoor views.