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An Experience Always Above Par

Nestled in the bustling heart of downtown Houston, the three-building Allen Center complex acts as one of the area's most unique mixed-use buildings. With its signature sky bridge and sprawling campus, building owner Brookfield Properties felt the Allen Center could be the perfect location to host clients and highlight the firm’s competitive advantage of signature hospitality.

Brookfield’s new broker suite would sit next to the Allen Center’s warm and welcoming lobby, which provides visitors and tenants with multiple dining options, as well as bars and a centralized greenspace. The proximity to these amenities is more than a perk, however, as these features set the tone for the type of casual yet professional experience that Brookfield Properties challenged our team to provide for its tenants and employees.

Our team worked with the client to ensure that this new space would provide a similar blend of fun and professionalism, with the suite acting like a private lobby extension. Though the Allen Center’s bustling lobby experiences plenty of foot traffic, the Brookfield suites provide plenty of privacy for brokers seeking a quiet place to work. Along with traditional workspaces, employees can leverage the conference rooms for hosting client meetings or to showcase the firm’s downtown real estate portfolio through realistic models.

The suite also features several significant inclusions, such as a golf simulator and bar area. While these features are fun additions to an already vibrant environment, they’re included in the design for Brookfield Properties to cultivate its internal community and bolster tenant relationships. The golf simulator, for example, is the perfect place for team members to come together and ideate or entertain potential tenants —with the added benefit of helping to improve their collective golf swings. Likewise, the bar serves as a comfortable and refined relaxation area, with sophisticated brass taps and plenty of coolers for beer, wine, soda, or sparkling water. It’s the perfect spot for employees looking to chat with tenants or unwind with colleagues after a long day.

Ultimately, our design solution aimed to create a big splash in a relatively small space, maximizing the space’s impact and showcasing the type of elevated experiences that Brookfield Properties’ tenants can expect. Through subtle design touches such as previously mentioned brass taps or understated light fixtures, the space seamlessly blends elegance and approachability.

Brookfield’s new suite perfectly aligns with the entirety of the Allen Center’s aesthetic and tone while providing the firm with a place to focus on building impactful relationships with tenants through elevated hospitality. The firm’s home-away-from-home is the perfect place to work...or for the team to practice their golf swings together!

Project Details

Square Footage: 4500 SF

Location: Houston, TX



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