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Lauri Goodman Lampson Joins Four Fearless Women Leaders on the TIDI Podcast


Dave Gilmore hosts five exceptional women executives in the architecture and engineering industry on the This Is DesignIntelligence podcast. Lauri Goodman Lampson, President + CEO of PDR, joins these extraordinary women from across the country to offer insight on becoming phenomenal leaders.

The journey for women elevating within a business can be challenging, even more so in the male-dominated architecture industry.

For Lauri, her history includes multiple strong female leaders, which surrounded and encouraged her within her life and career. Each leader instilled an expectation that women possess the qualities to fulfill executive roles. Lauri’s female mentors, determination, and dedication to ultimately drive the future of an organization has been a guide to her current success. In fact, while applying to PDR Lauri declared she would someday lead PDR.

Listen here for more shared experiences, how to overcome gender-based obstacles, and words of wisdom offered to those following in their footsteps and aspiring to achieve similar accomplishments.

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