2020 Austin Perspectives Recap

2020 Austin Perspectives Recap

In the fall of 2019, we kicked off Perspectives with an all-day small round table event in Houston.

The theme – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Human Creativity. We posed the question, how are Humans going to stay relevant when the greatest and newest gadgets/technology seem to be solving the world’s problems? The answer –  Human Creativity.

We know that creativity isn’t just for “artsy” industries; it’s a skill needed across industries. When we leverage AI and tap into Human Creativity, we can accomplish more faster!

So, here is what we did this spring at Perspectives in Austin – we tapped into Human Creativity.

Kelly Baughman took it away from there with a series of hands-on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® activities. Through these activities, attendees saw firsthand how communication barriers were removed to facilitate critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

Savoring the last few sips of the mandarin margaritas, the evening ended with a chance to win a free LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop, and attendees swapped their last few business cards and made final connections.

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03 05 2020