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Walter P Moore

Think inside the grid

PDR had the opportunity to help Walter P. Moore—a global engineering company—transform their workplace model based on what they learned during a roughly one-year fully remote experience. While many firms found it more challenging to collaborate virtually, Walter P. Moore saw the opposite effect. The more structured nature of discussion through a screen gave everyone an equal voice to share ideas, opinions, and challenges—creating better engagement and solutions.

Project Details

Location: Houston, TX

PDR Team

Kimberly Mercer


Walter P. Moore

In many ways, Walter P. Moore’s unique team worked better together when they were physically apart, but they still wanted to reap the benefits of collaboration that can only be accomplished in face-to-face meetings. They were unsure how to move forward and leverage both—needed and expert.

So, we helped them develop a “remote-first” solution—a twist on the typical hybrid work experience— to enable their people to choose the best environment to work in based on the type of work they’re doing. Now, their in-person and virtual interactions are both better than before.

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