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Hewlett Packard Enterprises (HPE)

We’re gonna to need a bigger spreadsheet!

HPE engaged PDR to help them tackle a myriad of challenges connected to the opening of their new headquarters. With their exciting new space came the daunting task of moving their entire workforce and lab equipment in a 3-month timeframe, alongside the launch of a new hybrid work strategy.

Project Details

Location: Houston, TX

PDR Team

Kimberly Mercer

Ryan Baldauf

Jena Jean


Through a data-centered approach our team tracked over 150,000 data points relating to people and equipment. This allowed the core HPE team to maintain a line of sight on what was being moved, where it was being moved, and all the details needed for a seamless Day One experience.

As the move of the headquarters coincided with a significant shift in HPE’s approach to work, our team helped plan, communicate and promote their “Edge to Office” workplace strategy. This included New Ways of Working Workshops, Change Champion Sessions, and Day One support. The result was a brand-new showcase headquarters, a flexible hybrid way to work, and the knowledge and training to ensure both supported their people and overall business objectives.

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