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Renewed Space, Renewed Spirit

As organizations grow and evolve, branding and purpose often shift, too. However, external compounding factors may mean there isn’t always time for a comprehensive brand revamp inside an office space, begging the question, how can a space quickly be made to feel like you?

Our renewable energies client found themselves facing this exact challenge as they had undergone a rebrand immediately before looking to move into their soon-to-be three-floor North American headquarters. Their new office within a major Houston landmark already had a distinctive brand identity from its previous tenant. Adding to the complexity of the move was a short project window, meaning the design process needed to move faster than usual, as the client looked to move into the new space in a matter of months. Therefore, a complete overhaul of the space wasn’t able to be executed in the expedited timeframe. The client’s goal was to incorporate their newly updated branding elements throughout, making the new workspace feel unique to their core purpose and culture.

Due to the company’s growth, which served as a catalyst for their move, their new space would welcome an expanded team, featuring new hires. This made it even more vital that the space featured these new branding elements to feel better connected to the company and its evolving purpose and values.

Our role was to guide the client through this endeavor, helping them ensure brand cohesion throughout the space while reducing decision-making fatigue. We set out by identifying all available branding opportunities, walking through the space together and determining where branding could have the greatest impact to bolster employee experience and create the desired connection.

Some of the shifts included removing the green carpet and replacing it with a simple, textured gray carpet with red accents that perfectly evoke the client’s signature brand elements. The office’s columns got a makeover as well, courtesy of subtle red pinstripes that serve as the perfect complement to the subtle reds of the new carpet. These simple tweaks immediately brought a more brand aligned look into their space.

More than the designs itself, our work on this project centered on empowering the client. By working alongside them as a true partner, we were able to help them quickly design a space that mirrors the people-driven and innovative focus embodied by the organization and its people.

By the project’s conclusion, the results were so well-received that the client is looking to employ the new design approach we steered throughout several of its offices throughout North America in an effort to fully roll out their new branding. Now, employees have a space that better connects them to their work and peers, while leadership can take pride in a space that truly feels like the organization.

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Location: Houston, TX

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