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Restack, Reshuffle...GO

A multinational financial company enlisted PDR to help with a challenge—they had to plan multiple internal relocations for 14,000 employees and were up against a tight deadline after two years of internal struggle.

Our in-depth knowledge of relocation strategies and planning meant we were able to augment and support their internal team throughout their move—clarifying the best path forward through all the, sometimes conflicting, parameters and requirements. By tracking, synthesizing, and clarifying data; troubleshooting issues; and pivoting on the spot as new needs emerged our team was able to help ensure these moves were handled quickly and effectively.

In addition, our ongoing data collection efforts and deep understanding of their unique business goals enabled our team to support a post-pandemic return to the office strategy. We partnered with their leadership to analyze data, outline potential risks, and inform timing. Through comprehensive data analysis and master planning, we provided their team with the sequences and steps required to seamlessly execute these complex projects. After over 12,000 hours of work over two years, 110,000 employee moves, and over a million data points tracked, we were able to help the organization not only adjust to their transition but thrive. 

“I could never thank them enough myself. Their hard work has saved us time, effort, and sanity!”

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