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Bringing College Vibe to the Business World

This forward thinking client wanted a workplace design that would reflect their culture and entrepreneurial spirit as well as drive innovation among their growing company.

PDR designed a workplace that is more dynamic, efficient, and multi-functional while presenting an appropriate client-facing space in a corporate atmosphere. We ensured that private offices and open workspaces are provided in combination with varying types of meeting spaces in order to maintain a collaborative environment.

Project Details

Location: London

PDR Team

Marc Bellamy


The overall workplace is designed around neighborhoods that contain open work stations, closed offices, and meeting rooms; all with access to daylight and integrated technology. This combination of spaces, marked by clear glass, natural wood tones, and ample daylight, encourages collaboration and connectedness within each business group. The neighborhood framework also provides uniformity to the space allowing for future flexibility as business groups grow and change as they react to the market. Collaborative spaces are strategically both reservable and non-reservable, semi-enclosed, and fully enclosed, integrated and centralized, with upgraded technology, an appropriate client-facing space in a corporate atmosphere. The reception and board room utilize technology, operable walls, and sophisticated finishes to create a multi-functional space appropriate for visiting clients, board meetings, and events.

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