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Why This Architect Thinks Cool Office Amenities Will Be Important Going Forward

In CoStar News, PDR Principal Larry Lander argues amenities are even more important in the work-from-home era.

Larry Lander, PDR Principal and Director of Programming

Lander thinks creating a “human-centric” office environment will become even more important as companies try to draw workers back to the office and recreate a sense of community after lockdowns. The usual building perks like outdoor plazas, fitness centers, cafes, restaurants, bicycle storage, lounges and conference centers won’t necessarily disappear in a post-pandemic world – they’ll just look a little different, more spacious and more sanitized.

“The base case is it’s got to be safe and it’s got to instill confidence that it’s safe and it needs to be secure, those are the give-ins. But beyond that, it needs to be a place that I want to go,” Lander said. “Now that I have this choice about whether I show up or not” at the office, “what is compelling and makes me want to go there?”

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