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Our Team Has Joined the ONE Global Design Alliance

Our clients can now benefit from the collective insight of 25+ design firms across the United States, Canada, and EMEA thanks to an exciting new partnership! We’re thrilled to announce that PDR has joined ONE Global Design, a collection of independent design firms dedicated to providing a worldwide network of expertise supported by professionals who value delivering superior design solutions.

As a member of ONE Global Design, we have exciting opportunities to help clients locally, nationally, and internationally. This partnership brings our unique expertise on People + Space to more organizations, continuing our dedication to creating exemplary experiences that support people and organizational goals.

“Joining ONE Global Design allows us to bring PDR’s design solutions to our global clients, ensuring there’s no loss of fidelity between strategy and space. By providing our clients with access to a global array of architecture and design experts focused on holistic solutions, solving those challenges will be far more efficient than before. The exciting thing about ONE Global Design is our shared understanding that every client is different, and project obstacles have far-reaching impacts on an organization.”

– Amy Collins, Principal

“Initially, when I started learning about ONE Global Design, I immediately recognized the ability to extend PDR's reach into new markets in a very stable way. As I continue to learn about the fellow member firms, I realize that the opportunity is more than extending PDR - it's augmenting our firm to benefit from new ideas, technical expertise, and business strategies exchanged with our fellow members. I look forward to every project that leverages the ONE Global Design network!”

– Marc Bellamy, Principal

“Joining ONE Global Design is a game changer for PDR and our clients. PDR has always served our clients as a trusted collaborative partner, working alongside them to achieve the best strategy and solution for their business.  As part of the ONE Global Design network of firms, we have amplified our capabilities, extended our reach, and augmented our team with true collaborative partners in 40 cities around the globe.  Ultimately, joining ONE Global Design enables us to better serve our clients and deliver even more exceptional experiences across a wider range of services and markets.”

– Lauri Goodman Lampson, President + CEO

For more information regarding ONE Global Design, click here.

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