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Peloton Puts Health of Employees First at New Headquarters - FacilitiesNet

The pandemic brought momentous changes to the workplace, with the most notable being a renewed emphasis on health, inside and outside of the office. Indoor air quality became a major concern, but with the shift back to the new normal, other factors also came into play. Outdoor spaces, workout areas, and healthier food options have become additional perks for employees to consider as they return to the office.

“Wellness in general has become such a strong focus,” Kary Huslig notes. “Hygiene and overall cleanliness are top of mind, but it’s also around the idea of holistic wellness. I see companies focusing on that more than ever before.”

Another aspect of wellness that has been placed in the spotlight is work-life balance, and how this could be achieved through a hybrid model.

“The opportunity that (the pandemic) presented us globally is a way to think about this hybrid work environment and being purposeful in the way that we design our workplaces is like no other,” Huslig says. “I never thought I’d see so many organizations being open to hybrid working and the balance that it brings to us personally. What we’re seeing now is very exciting.”

Peloton is only one example of a company that has made healthier workspaces a priority for employees at its NYC headquarters. Learn more about their design choices in the article at

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