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Paradigm Shift Needed To Foster The New Creative Office

For those wishing to return to work this year, Larry Lander outlines how to foster the new creative office in Work Design Magazine.

There are organizations that have returned to a February-like existence as if the last many months never happened. Other organizations have embraced WFH forever, and maybe forever is just fine. Then some organizations are located somewhere firmly between those two bookends, what is the right path forward?

Your organization’s success is predicated on creative and innovative employees who are motivated and inspired to do their very best work.

This has been crystalized by the last months—the pandemic has been an accelerant of good ideas rather than the cause of them. With that, the best idea is that the workplace needs to be a place that promotes creativity and innovation.

What an exciting time to study the science and art of the workplace and to be optimistic about accelerating change and advancing good ideas for the new creative office.

Read more on how to foster the new creative office in the Work Design Magazine article “Paradigm Shift Needed To Foster The New Creative Office.”

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