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Larry Lander Argues Why The Office Is Not Dead in CoreNet Global

We’ve been working with landlords and tenants, including many Fortune 100 companies spanning energy, finance, and technology industries, and there is one common thread: in this new normal, the most effective workplace – any workplace – must be human-centric.

Elements and characteristics that we prioritized pre-COVID are still important and, in some cases, even more critical. In the base case, a workplace must always be safe, clean, ergonomic, and healthful.

Our work from home experience has reinforced what we already know about the importance of the workplace as the embodiment of a company’s culture and brand. Employee surveys show that regardless of age, geography, and experience level workers miss the interaction that going to the office allows.

Larry Lander, Principal and Director of Programming

And now as an overlay on all this, we have early results of our analysis of the “Great Work From Home Experiment” and the numbers prove that working from home is working. In fact, companies are beginning to vote with their feet: at the extreme end, Facebook says you can work at home forever; Google and others have pushed return-to-office dates deep into 2021.

What does this mean for the workplace?

PDR Principal and Director of Programming, Larry Lander, explains all in The Pulse Blog by CoreNet Global.

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