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In D Magazine Marc Bellamy Focuses on Workplace Mental Health

PDR Principal, Marc Bellamy, dives into supporting mental health as we return to the workplace with D Magazine.

Political and business leaders are considering how and when to return to work and the shape our new normal will take. When we return to our physical workplace, more than just the design of the physical space must be considered for a psychologically successful and safe return to work.

Topics to consider to return to work safely:

  • How are employees being placed first?
  • What new processes are going to be implemented?
  • What is the new focus of workplace spaces?

Integrating people, processes, and places is the future of effective workplace strategy, and this will be our new normal. Changing the design of the workplace, without communicating the new processes to your people, will only end in confusion and frustration. Executed well, returning to the workplace can have a positive impact on your colleagues’ psyche and well-being.

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