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COVID-19 Has Affected How Office Space Will Be Designed

Here’s how this work-from-home experiment has affected the office space – from an expert’s design perspective.

Larry Lander, PDR Principal and Director of Programming

In InnovationMap, PDR Principal Larry Lander explains the last nine weeks have thrust small and large business into an experiment we have never imagined.

Our workplaces may become smaller as we realize we don’t all need to be there at the same time, but they certainly won’t go away. Office workers have been empowered with the sudden ability to choose where, when, and how to work.

The experiment has opened our eyes: work has not stopped, our people are trustworthy and the office is more important than ever.

The office is a place to provide a technology offering, we don’t enjoy at our kitchen table, as a place to better support small group work beyond the tiny real estate of our laptop screens, and as a place that physically represents what our organizations are truly all about. The role of the workplace has never been more critical to business success.

So what will change from a design perspective?

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