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Bringing The Outdoors In and The Indoors Out

We have long been aware that outdoor spaces provide a healing environment that humans crave, and the pandemic has emphasized this important idea even further.

The most compelling workplaces have three common characteristics that transcend location, work style, and industry. Workplaces must create an urban vibe, promote a collegial atmosphere, and connect workers to nature—what we have called a “Walk in the Park”. The science behind the relative safety of outdoor spaces in relation to the spread of the coronavirus has leant even further credence to the importance of outside spaces.

This idea of a “Walk in the Park” can be exhibited in three ways:

  1. Landscape as a visual treat.
  2. Functional outdoor spaces.
  3. Seamless integration of inside and outside.

Read more in the Work Design Magazine article “Bringing The Outdoors In And The Indoors Out” by Larry Lander.

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