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Beyond What’s Next: Design Implications of the Pandemic

In Interiors+Sources featured October article, “Beyond What’s Next: Design Implications of the Pandemic,” Jackie Wheat notes that almost all forecasts for the future see at least a hybrid model of work split between offices, neighborhood hubs, third places, and home!

“This is the first long-term implication of the pandemic, and it is worth noting that the COVID-19 outbreak rather than being the cause of this change is really an accelerator. The idea of employee choice in when and where work happens, the accommodation of activity-based work settings, and the advent of workplaces that integrate employee experience with organizational productivity are standing ideas of workplace design in recent years; now they take center stage.” – Jackie Wheat

Wheat shares 6 broad themes that characterize the pandemic’s long-term effects on the workplace:

  1. Use disruption as your ally.
  2. Solve for the whole person.
  3. Practice resilience.
  4. Embrace technology.
  5. Amplify collaboration.
  6. Shepherd every dollar.

Read more in the Interior + Sources featured article “Beyond What’s Next: Design Implications of the Pandemic” and check out our recent project on the cover!

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