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A Message from Our CEO 2020

It is hard to believe it is 2020 – the beginning of a new decade. What a great opportunity! A fresh start! What if we could enter this new decade with a promise – a promise not to drag any of the baggage we have been dragging around with us into this decade?

I believe it is critical to free ourselves of anything that is holding us back – because 2020 is the year to accelerate – to move Forward Faster. We all know we need to move forward. We all know we need to move faster. In the tradition of choosing a theme for the year and embracing it – following What’s Next and Get on With It – this year our theme is Forward Faster.

For the first time, my New Year’s letter will introduce a series of four parts – a deep dive into the topics that will help you move Forward Faster – real strategies that will help your people, your business and your organization reach maximum potential – faster.

First, I will discuss What Do CEOs Want? We know that Workplace is a C-Suite issue yet there is much lost in translation between ideas and execution. I’ll discuss how to listen to and respond to what CEOs want for their organizations.

Next, What Do People Need? What do your employees really need to be at their best, do their best work and reach their full potential? Hint – Experience matters!

Then, The Enterprise Triad – delivering Real Value versus Real Estate by bringing together the HR, IT and RE groups (Human Resources, Information Technology , Real Estate) to deliver a Total Work Experience – that shapes the desired culture.

Finally, Leading with Strategy. Too often Workplace is relegated and managed at an operational level. As a key strategy to your business performance objectives and organizational goals, it should be led and resourced at the same level as any other critical corporate initiative – at the Enterprise Level. The result – every decision supports the Strategy.

Together, these four strategies will set your organization up for success and allow you to move Forward Faster.

Our Workplaces should create a great experience – one that is supportive, helps us be at our best and do our best work so we can reach our full potential. People, Business and Organizations depend on the workplace to create a great experience, advance performance and accelerate transformation

There’s no time to waste, we each have just this one life – a completely blended working living life.

So, let’s make the most of it and move Forward Faster.

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