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A Letter From Lauri

A letter from Lauri,

As we come back from celebrating Mother’s Day this May, I am reminded of my journey navigating motherhood as an executive business leader. Often women are made to believe we cannot be both successful career women and loving, attentive moms. At one point in my life, I believed this to be true myself, so I built my career before I started a family. I worked in the industry for 15 years and established myself as an executive leader before embarking on my adventure into motherhood. Although I thought I had to earn my seat at the table; I realized as I looked back at my life that motherhood was not competing for my credibility, but championing it.

I believe that expectant mothers should prepare and make plans for how they will approach the balancing act of juggling a family and a career without the pressure to keep those plans once they experience their new reality. Everyone’s experience is different—mothers, babies, and situations are all unique. It isn’t possible to know what will work best, until you are in the midst of it. Because of this, I tell all new mothers at PDR and in my life this—Plans are great to have. Give yourself permission to change your plans.

I have found that the relationship between being a mother and being a leader is reciprocal and reinforcing. I’ve certainly learned to be a more compassionate leader since becoming a mother. Mothers nurture their children to become all that they can be based on understanding their unique traits. When we bring that level of understanding to the individuals we lead, it strengthens our relationships and amplifies the impact we can have as leaders.

Motherhood and a successful career are not mutually exclusive. They enhance and amplify each other. Once we come to understand that the aspects of our lives are intertwined and not siloed, we can leverage that into benefitting every part of our lives as women in leadership.

I want to recognize and celebrate every woman out there who is balancing a career and a family, and encourage each of you to walk in the truth that where you are is exactly where you need to be!


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