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2022 The Year of Hybrid Thinking – A Message from our CEO

Fail Spectacularly to Achieve Transformational Resilience

We welcome 2022 with renewed optimism and hope for a better future!

This New Year presents an opportunity for a new way of thinking, being, and doing. It holds great promise for meaningful progress – the kind of progress that results in Transformational Resilience – achieved when our organizations are positioned to adapt and thrive in a constant state of evolution. This will ensure enduring value, the foundation of a better future.

This is the year to take chances, make significant changes, reset, rethink, and evaluate all opportunities that will accelerate our future resiliency. This is the year to seek change as a choice rather than reacting to change out of necessity.

But, with boundless opportunities in front of us, how do we know we’re pursuing the right ones? By Failing Spectacularly! It will take much experimentation to discover the best strategies and solutions for your organization. Now is the time for bold experiments, experiments that you expect to fail rather than being certain of the outcome, allowing you to assess, analyze, and iterate until you discover the solution that best achieves your organization’s goals.

The world has changed, and we’ve all been forced to adapt. But to truly thrive in this new normal of constant evolution, we will not only need to embrace change, but we will also need to test new ideas constantly. And that will require more than a hybrid solution. That will require Hybrid Thinking—balancing seemingly opposing concepts that are exponentially better together than in isolation.

This year I want to introduce you to a new way of thinking. A method that will ensure you and your organization are future casting – envisioning your desired future, identifying the most critical problems to solve, and then creating balanced solutions that consider the entire opposable spectrum. Hybrid Thinking will ensure you are well positioned for success and on the path to Transformational Resilience.

We have identified four critical elements that need Hybrid Thinking to help your organization thrive in 2022.


People at their best – Balancing people and organizational environment


Business on purpose – Balancing Organizational DNA and industry viewpoints


Ideas that differentiate – Balancing Productivity and Creativity


Decisions that accelerate – Balancing Human Intellect and Artificial Intelligence

Hybrid solutions are complex. Leveraging Hybrid Thinking will confirm you have the right answers to the questions shaping your business’ future. And experimentation will give you confidence in your decision-making. Throughout the year, we’ll be taking a deeper dive into these themes and the impact they have on your organization. Embracing Hybrid Thinking will require you to fail spectacularly – with the goal of creating places and experiences that make your people, business, ideas, and decisions BETTER. That is what makes transformational resilience possible!

I look forward to the exciting conversations we will have this year as we help you navigate the future!

Until next time,
Fail Spectacularly!

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