Workplace Scenario Planning

What kind and how much workplace does your organization need now?

Forecasting how much and what kind of workplace an organization needs now when there is uncertainty in most variables requires a new approach.

Now, more than ever, an organization’s intended purpose for the workplace matters.

+ Why do you bring people together in a workplace?
+ What do you expect them to do when they are there?
+ How much and what kind of space will you need?

Dynamic Programming

In our workplace scenario planning offerings, we use a Dynamic Programming tool to optimize results. From a one-hour conversation with senior leadership, we can quickly develop real estate models comparing square footage, cost, disruption, and time implications for a variety of scenarios.

Our process will help you:

+ Quantify different options.
+ Evaluate a variety of scenarios.
+ Reduce the risk of uncertainty.

You will then be able to compare each scenario against your current condition allowing you to be confident that you have the right solution for your organization.

Adjustable Inputs for Scenario Planning

Using our Dynamic Programming tool, we adjust these variables to meet your intentions for supporting people and the work they need to do now so you can quickly understand the impact of your intentions on the type, size, and quality of your workplace.

PDR has developed scenarios for over 20,000 workplace occupants in 2020. Spend an hour with us – we’ll help you chart a course to avoid unintended consequences! Contact us at to get started!

Future Workplace Scenarios