What does it take to get a workplace that fits? First, know who you are and who you want to be, what your culture is and what it aspires to be, who your people are and how they are changing, and what their work is and how they achieve their best results. These are the critical building blocks in your workplace strategy.

With market pressure on businesses to stay ahead of their competitors, there is a shift away from the old hierarchical model that was built on legacy and entitlement, office cubes, and tethered workers, to a new work environment designed to respond to challenge and change. The new ROI is based on the work and worker. Yet every business has its own path and we are there to help them every step of the way with whatever set of integrated services they will require to achieve their goals.

PDR’s Workplace Performance team develops dynamic workplace strategies for clients across the globe that reflect a deep understanding of their unique business drivers, corporate culture, guiding principles, and future growth patterns.

Our team works to align an organization’s vision with the real estate and workplace decisions necessary to achieve its immediate and long-term business objectives. We believe a work environment that authentically reflects a company’s identity and brand, enriches the client experience, promotes creativity and cross-functional collaboration, and enables future growth, is a strategic tool that can be used to affect positive organizational change.

Clients approach us with a variety of change drivers that are often grounded in both hard benefits, such as increasing the efficiency of a real estate portfolio or building in hyper flexibility to support a dynamic organizational structure; and softer benefits, such as enhanced speed to discovery or greater incidental innovation.

Work + Performance reflects our commitment to provide tailored solutions that have a clear implementation plan, are metric-driven, and tie directly to business performance.


Workplace Performance
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