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A space to do both well

Motherhood and a successful career are not mutually exclusive. They enhance and amplify each other. Work + Mother Services understands this and has made it their mission to equip employers to support working mothers with top-of-the-line amenities for breastfeeding.

In downtown Houston, Three Allen Center was eager to invest in Work & Mother Services unique amenities and enlisted our help to build out a lactation suite with 10 private rooms, hospital-grade equipment, and additional support resources for all working moms on campus.

Often women are made to believe they cannot be both successful career women and loving, attentive moms. These lactation suites provide women the freedom to be both, with many of the rooms equipped with workstations that, with hands-free pumping, allow women to continue working while pumping.

Beyond their work at Three Allen Center, Work & Mother Services is continuing their nationwide expansion of lactation suites to make it easier for organizations to support working mothers. Our team helped realize the Work & Mother brand with specifications within a “Build Book” that ensures both brand consistency and best practices for each landlord who is considering adding a building-wide lactation suite. We also curated a design toolkit with textiles, furniture, interior architecture recommendations and more, so that these suites are easier to implement and deliver an optimum experience for those using them.

Everyone should feel supported by the organizations they work within, including mothers. PDR is proud to partner with Work & Mother Services to create spaces where this support is accessible to them so they can do their best.