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Cheniere Houston Headquarters

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Seeking to take their workplace to the next level and accommodate rapid growth, Cheniere asked PDR to relocate and expand their headquarters into 189,000 SF at Pennzoil Place in Houston. PDR delivered the vision from leadership which sought to improve employee engagement by making the space more open and connected. The highly successful result blended creative space planning, custom furniture configuration, and technology integration.

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The workplace reflects the company’s culture and employee pride. It provides superior lighting throughout, technology-enhanced meeting spaces, and a new open stair that continuously connects eight floors. The open stair was designed to be the centerpiece of a collaborative core centrally located on each floor that includes a coffee bar with seating, huddle, phone, copy and print rooms to promote impromptu interactions and improve productivity.

Custom furniture work stations were designed to be flexible by supporting various employee work functions, maximizing storage, and privacy while being low and open. All workplaces have direct access to natural light.

Additional spaces and amenities provided include a 90 seat trade floor, gas operations control room, video conference facilities, commercial kitchen, executive dining, conference center with operable Skyfold partitions, and a variety of technology-enabled meeting spaces and workrooms.