PDR Designs a Qatari Inspired New Office Space

PDR Designs a Qatari Inspired New Office Space



Work Design Magazine and Office Space featured Golden Pass LNG!

Golden Pass LNG was in the process of changing their entire business model – from importers to exporters (of Liquified Natural Gas). They needed to be able to adapt quickly and efficiently while remaining competitive and seeking innovative ways of working. Our attention to detail and thorough design processes allowed Golden Pass LNG to move into the new office environment without disrupting business.

To encourage teamwork, we designed an open family-like atmosphere, while maintaining safety and security. The office space was organized so the General, Pipeline, and Trading groups are separate per federal regulations. However, each group is joined with a central break room for employees to gather for townhalls, socialize, or for informal collaboration.

The reception and formal board room, as well as the trade floor, are show-stopping spaces, meant to make a powerful first impression on visiting dignitaries and executives as well as instill pride in the resident employees. Throughout the Golden Pass space, we added recognizable nods to Qatari culture to ensure visiting shareholders felt at home and welcomed in the new office environment.

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02 02 2021