HP Inc. Campus Showcased in Work Design Magazine

HP Inc. Campus Showcased in Work Design Magazine

HP Inc. was showcased in Work Design Magazine! Having split with its sister company, HP Inc. partnered with PDR to design a new space that would reflect its future workplace, culture and history, and the Houston region.

The HP Inc. campus is designed to let innovation and creativity flourish.

A plethora of workspaces were configured to support all the top-notch work that HP Inc. accomplishes. With 52 business units at the north Houston campus location, units that commonly work together were strategically placed to be in close proximity.

The employees vibe with the positive energy given off by the design due to the pre-planning surveys conducted to gather their input. The bright sunrise color palette, HP Inc. culture-strong design elements, live moss scattered throughout, and large amounts of access to natural daylight keep employees energized throughout the day.

Find out more details about HP Inc.’s Innovative and LEED v.4 Certified Campus in the Work Design Magazine article “PDR’s Forward-Thinking Design Meets Needs of HP’s Changing Workforce.”

10 14 2020