Robert Olvera

Robert Olvera


Design + Architecture

The architectural process is an incredibly collaborative effort rooted in mutual trust between client and team. When human synergy drives a project forward, I know I’ve done my job.

Robert Olvera is an architect who sees complexity simply as a sum of parts. Through a methodical approach, he recognizes how built projects are truly a series of well-intentioned decisions aligned around a shared vision. As a Principal and PDR’s Director of Project Performance, he brings a steady, disciplined perspective to every team he leads.

Robert believes a healthy architectural process is deeply layered. It begins with the simple black and white criteria — the budget, schedule, and core effort. He sets the foundation for a well-managed process and then empowers his design teams to take ownership from pre-design through delivery. Robert has a keen understanding of the psychology of teams and knows how the synergies created by human performance are the most vital to project success. His leadership style builds focused, supported and collaborative project teams that make great work happen.

Since joining PDR in 2004, Robert has led large-scale project teams for a variety of major energy sector clients including OXY, CITGO, Imperial Oil, Chevron, Statoil, and BG Group. Robert has also led significant smaller scale project teams for global firms in a variety of other industries, from law to banking to financial services. Agnostic of project scale or industry, his process is unwavering, strong — and healthy. As a leader focused on team excellence and well-being, he supports each individual to own their role and flourish.

Robert is well-versed in how workplace strategy translates into design and enables project success. His thoughtful leadership creates synthesis within cross-functional teams and results in incredible gains for client organizations and their people. Most notably, Robert led a team of workplace strategists, change management consultants, designers, architects, and brand specialists to deliver an effective pilot space for a Fortune 500 client. The carefully chosen office furniture configurations, color palettes, and architectural elements in the pilot are a testing ground for what will become a future workplace for over 3000 people.

Robert leads by example, encouraging his teams to act as steady and supportive client resources. His knowledge of investment strategies and his expertise in production standards makes him a trusted advisor to teammates, collaborators, and clients alike. A measured, disciplined, seeker of consensus, Robert calmly stretches teams toward excellence.