Kary Huslig

Kary Hulsig

Kary Huslig

Strategy and People Director

20 Questions was one of my favorite games to play on family road trips when I was a kid. That same hunger for discovery and learning has fueled my amazing yet unpredictable career journey while these simple principles have kept me from veering off course.

Kary Huslig is a workplace consultant with more than 15 years of strategic planning and interior design experience, Kary understands how to use both the physical & digital work environment as a strategic tool to solve organizational challenges. She is dedicated to translating workplace insights into programs that positively impact company culture and human performance. By leveraging her extensive knowledge in design and global business operations, Kary partners with clients to discover optimal work environments and innovative solutions through data-driven insights that align business performance, employee engagement, and comprehensive wellness. In her role as Strategy and People Director, Kary encourages her clients to embrace the unknown by asking questions and challenging their comfort zone. Kary strives for continual progress to deliver positive outcomes for both companies and the communities they serve. In her professional role, Kary surrounds herself with talented people and teams that are equally excited to find new answers to old questions. Her enthusiasm for workplace strategy is ignited by the opportunity to leverage these principles to enhance business performance and employee engagement through experiences that surprise and delight. By executing tailored upfront visioning, research-based programming, adaptable design, and people-centric change communication, Kary transforms the all too often obscure objectives into data-driven workplace solutions.