Holly Henry

Holly Henry

Holly Henry

Senior Associate

Organizational Consulting

Change is hard. Period. But the more certainty you have about what’s to come, the better prepared you are to embrace it and get on with it!

Change is the biggest driver of innovation. As a workplace consultant who is always thinking about what’s next, Holly Henry’s mission is to help clients understand and quickly adapt to workplace change so they can stay focused on the bottom line and drive innovation within the core business. Her experience working with game-changers in Oil & Gas, Finance, and Tech Industries has honed her skills for communicating with various audiences and delving into diverse organizational cultures to figure out how to best help employees deal with change.  Holly guides project teams to efficiently and effectively implement change in the workplace through vision alignment, training, and strategic messaging.

As a strategic advisor to ExxonMobil, Holly combines qualitative and quantitative workplace data to inform global design guidelines, program execution, and change management strategies. Her most recent efforts mobilized the internal Workplace Strategies team to lead discussions on innovative culture and identify teams for early adopter programs. Holly’s work with ExxonMobil began in 2014 supporting workplace change management during the migration and initial occupancy of the Houston Campus.

Recently, Holly led change management efforts and employee communications for a global IT company relocating its Houston headquarters. Activating leadership, engaging employees often, and creating consistent, timely communications were all critical to preparing employees for the physical changes, as well as adopting new ways of working.

Previously, Holly developed a communications strategy and digital content guidelines for Amegy Bank’s corporate-wide digital signage system. In order to maximize the investment of such a versatile and highly visible platform, Holly led internal business groups to make critical decisions around implementation, visual content, branding, and long-term sustainment. Her sharp interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and strategic thinking play a huge role in helping clients achieve their business goals.