Heather Wright

Heather Wright

Senior Associate


Interior design truly does change the way people work and feel about working. It is a tremendous feeling knowing that what PDR does positively impacts our clients and their employees.

Heather’s experience and passion for interior design and furniture is vast and encompasses being the Lead Designer on various-sized projects from large corporate campuses to small suite build outs, from design to furniture to execution. This varied perspective allows her to predict issues and stay ahead of the game no matter what the scale. Heather’s diligence, efficiency, and perfectionist tendencies have made her a vital resource for leading her team and building client trust.

Heather’s approach to design is strategic and technical with a creative flare. This is especially highlighted in larger scale projects where flexibility and longevity in the design is paramount. Project success, for Heather, is about ensuring the project balances client needs, function, and aesthetic. This view allows for a project to develop into a meaningful tool for change which reflects the client’s personality and business goals. Understanding each client has a unique perspective has laid the foundation for project success and lasting client relationships.

Design is always a partnership. Heather believes in building a strong team dynamic and enabling open, friendly conversation both internally and externally. Heather is positive, enthusiastic, and is well respected among consultants, general contractors, vendors, and peers. She understands project success is reliant on mutual respect and team dynamic.