Allyson Dalton

Allyson Dalton

Allyson Dalton

Senior Associate

Lead Consultant

Workplace supports your top assets: people and technology. As these are in a constant state of flux, workplace should be designed to improve through change.

As a Workplace Strategy Consultant, Allyson Dalton develops dynamic work environments based in a deep understanding of business drivers. These business drivers are assessed to build a metric-driven design solution to maximize individual, business, and corporate performance.

Since joining PDR, Allyson has worked with a number of clients including Sonos, Hines, XTO, ExxonMobil, Chevron, BKD, Dominion Resources, and McCoy-Rockford. Allyson has enjoyed working with Sonos in Santa Barbara, Boston, and Hilversum to develop a global workplace strategy that aligns the dynamic employee experience with the balance of space types to accommodate business evolution over time.

Allyson is passionate about the human-centered design process and creating solutions that inspire the user while driving bottom-line value. Her background in organizational development allows her to provide tangible workplace recommendations pertaining to the nuances of organizational culture, leadership styles, and team dynamics. She brings a fresh, imaginative perspective on the integration of technology into the built environment to support flexible work processes.