Pivot to the Future – From New Normal to Next Normal

Seize the moment!  How we work, how organizations support their people, and even the definition of work has been reset.  Attracting and retaining the best people and amplifying your organization’s competitive advantage will be the mark of the reimagined workplace.  A successful Pivot to the Future will establish the workplace as the headquarters of your community and culture and create a place where people truly want to be.

PDR’s Pivot to the Future program will set your organization on the path to the Next Normal by developing your unique roadmap, executing an action plan, and accelerating your business performance.

New Normal – PDR’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Our new, shared reality will forever change how we work and significantly impact our work environments moving forward. Now is the time to explore and prepare for return-to-the office scenarios that will positively impact your business performance, inspire your people, improve their well-being, and deliver more value from your real estate investment.

Right now, we are offering a complimentary consultation to discuss supporting your organization’s or your clients’ business goals.

Our New Normal one-hour consultation call is designed to lay out a concise picture of all the Return to Workplace considerations.  Included in the consultation is a clear road map for decision-making and action planning as conditions change over time.

We also provide recommendations for a readiness assessment, task force development, and the next steps to help clients get started.  There is a lot of material around this topic, some of it good and some of it not so good.  The thought-leaders at PDR have curated select content in an easy-to-understand format that helps paint a holistic picture of a complicated matter.

The Crisis Response – React

Due to COVID-19, almost 100% of the population was sent home to work. The world’s primary focus has been on people’s safety while organizations have also been trying to enable the processes their people need to get work done and they have a functional space to work at home. These tools will help your organization along this crisis response enabling you to respond and react in a way that is most beneficial to your organization.

Leesman Work From Home Survey

The Transition Period – Return

During the transition, life is not back to normal, but it is moving forward. This period needs to be strategic and measured. Your organization’s answer should not be to send your people back to work in a sterile environment where they must be 6 feet apart. Your organization’s response should be focused on your people and creating an environment that makes them feel safe and happy to return. These tools will help you determine how to best utilize your workplace and establish positive protocols during this period of transition.

The New Normal – Reimagined

In the reimagined workplace, people will want a combination that works for them in choosing where to work and how to work – whether working in the office or working remotely. This is the empowered workplace of the future. This will enable innovation. Your workspaces need to be focused on supporting that. These tools will help you determine how to reimagine your workplace to be successful now and into the future.