PDR is a Consulting, Design + Architecture and Brand firm. We solve riddles. We approach placemaking from the Inside Out. We challenge and change the ways organizations think about work and place. We impact business success. Our dedicated teams solve for human experience by working together across disciplines.


We help our clients define their strategic objectives in order to provide a framework for decisions and actions.


Finding creative solutions is at the heart of PDR’s work. Our disciplined application of creative thinking leads to solutions that are intelligent, practical and beautiful.


The powerful application of knowledge, benchmarking and analysis leads to more enlightened, intelligent solutions. PDR has extensive research in successful work environments.


Working from the Inside Out
We ask why and seek to understand.
We bring valuable research, context, and perspective.
We provide clarity and simplicity to complex problems.
We design places that inspire.



To be the global leader in changing the way organizations think about work and place.



We believe thoughtful place making connects people and inspires organizations to thrive.