Julie Fuex  Associate Principal


By truly understanding my client, not only on an organizational level but an individual level as well, I am able to develop a comprehensive plan that addresses all aspects of the workplace.” 

Julie has the expertise and experience to understand human behavior and performance. As a Project Manager, she works with leading corporations to develop engagement strategies that effectively inform, engage and prepare employees for working in new ways while reducing disruption to business productivity. She coaches her clients on how to drive change and design through a human behavior focus. Julie helps clients realize they can support their business objectives by aligning human behavior and place attributes to create an engaging employee experience.  

Since joining PDR, Julie has worked with clients in the technology and energy industries to develop workplace strategies that help achieve their business objectives and promote organizational culture. She’s also guided clients in implementing change management and communication plans to ensure business objectives are realized. Julie’s prior work experience includes working with Fortune 500 companies to design, develop and implement strategic communication plans, end user training programs, and usability evaluations to determine user experience. Julie utilizes her expertise in psychology to help clients understand that human behavior and performance are key components to consider and evaluate when transforming the workplace. 

Julie has Masters of Arts in Psychology from Houston Baptist University, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Houston. She is also an active member of the Association of Change Management Professionals and the Workplace Evolutionaries (WE) Community within the International Facility Management Association.