Why Management Matters


Numerous studies show that job stress is the major source of stress American adults face, and it has escalated progressively over the past few decades. Every human has stressors, some more than others for various reasons, but how would our lives look if we were truly valued at work?  Probably a lot less stressful.

It is a known fact that most employees will perform at their highest when they feel appreciated and valued at work.  Therefore it’s important that our managers are key influencers in instilling a healthy workplace environment and culture because of everyday stressors.

At times the fast-paced life and ever-changing environments have made it a challenge to be able to adapt on a dime, but having an empathetic manager can make a huge difference.

More and more people are having to deal with balancing the scale between home and work, and all of the home and work responsibilities together can be overwhelming.  Any employer that truly cares about their employees does not only care about what happens at work, they really care about what happens in all aspects of an employee’s life, from health issues, to problems with family, to financial issues etc. 

Caring about an employee does not mean solving his or her issues. However, it is making sure employees understand that they’re not alone, and they are willing to listen.  There are employers out there that truly understand the changes that life brings, and they will help their employees adapt to these ever-changing situations. 

But it takes more than just one person to address these needs, it takes an entire team of partners, managers, and human resources etc. They all should agree on good employer practices to help employees reach their full potential, and provide the resources to be successful. 

After all, an employee is a company’s best asset and marketer. 

And yes, there are still companies out there that believe that Management Matters.


Roberto Matsumura



Roberto has over 20 years of industry experience and has been involved in a variety of complex projects with specific design qualifications and varying budgets. Roberto has gained the required industry knowledge and procedural understanding to help clients find solutions for each individual and organizational need, with high professionalism and client concerns in mind.