Perspectives 2018

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Perspectives is PDR’s annual event that is an invitational gathering to bring together leaders of innovation in our community and beyond. PDR facilitated Perspectives in our Houston studio, and invited 3 leaders to present on innovation in their industry.


Yared Akalou is the founder of Alcove, a product development company. Yared introduced his product and spoke on the latest trends and forces shaping the Future of Workforce. Today we have more freelancers and mobile workers, so work moves with us. Alcove serves modern day workers to help them stay focused, so they can be more productive when inspiration strikes.

Matt Phillips Headshot.jpg

Matt Phillips, founder of Phillips & Co., a Chicago-based firm whose focus is to help clients innovate within their organization. Inspiring a Culture of Innovation begins with excitement, but before success there is normally a downfall or discouragement within the organization. Matt addressed all the stages of innovation as well as how to overcome the downfall.


Lauri Goodman Lampson, President + CEO of PDR, led a discussion around the changing rhythm and purpose of work and how to prepare your organization for the changes that work, workers and workplace are experiencing.

The conversation was rich and diverse, bringing in experts from various industries to exchange knowledge and inspire new ideas. We dove deep into topics about innovation and what is happening in our community, our organizations, and personal encounters. Ready or not, everything around us is being reactivated!